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GLB Rendezvous Chlorinating Concentrate Granular 1.75 lbs Leisure Time Spa Minerals ProTeam Di-Chlor (4 lb.)
Leisure Time Spa Minerals
Our Price: $43.95
ProTeam Di-Chlor (4 lb.)
Our Price: $33.95
This is a blend of specially mixed chlorine for the more demanding requirements of high-temperature spa and hot tub disinfection. Creates softer, cleaner spa water naturally. Each unit contains natural minerals known to control bacteria and prevent algea. Can be used with sanitizing systems including bromine, chlorine, or ozone, as well as non-chorine shock. When used with a minimal amount of sanitizer, Spa Minerals will provide naturally clear water for up to four months. Chlorine powder concentrate that will keep spa water safe and clear.
Rendezvous Activate 2.2lbs Rendezvous Broma-Start (Box of 6 - 2oz. pouches) Rendezvous Enhance Bromide Salt Solution 32 oz.
This fast-dissolving, non chlorine shock oxidizer quickly destroys contaminants like perspiration and cosmetics that cause skin irritation and odors. Activate is buffered and will not upset water chemistry. Pre-measured sodium bromide creates an initial bromide reserve in spa water. Use Broma-Start when first filling the spa and then maintain sanitation with brominating disinfectant tablets. The Activate/Enhance System is a two -part system that is completely chlorine-free and shocks and sanitizes simultaneously with one simple application.